This document assumes that you have correctly installed Drupal. It should not matter whether or not your $drupal_root is the same as $document_root or not. It should also work if you have your modules dir embedded as a subdir to your sites dir in $drupal_root.

A short version of installation listing is found in the README file included in the Acidfree distribution.

  1. Install the Filemanager module from the drupal modules page and set it up.
    • This includes creating the table, setting paths, creating directories, etc. on the admin/settings/filemanager page. For more information on this topic, go to the Filemanager configuration section of this book.
    • Make sure you download the latest version of the Filemanager module. If there are any patches required for the filemanager, they will be included with the Acidfree distribution. We try to minimize this, but since both the Filemanager and Acidfree are just starting to get larger user bases, we are finding things where the APIs could improve.
  2. Untar Acidfree distribution into your modules directory. Make sure the entire directory is included — don't just copy the acidfree.module file into your modules directory. The entire acidfree directory should be a subdir of the modules directory.
    • If there are any patches included in the Acidfree distribution, follow the directions at the top of the patch. They should be named something like filemanager-something.patch. If you don't know what a patch is or how to apply one, see How to install a Patch? Also, the INSTALL and UPGRADE files for that distribution will contain information on what you need to do.
  3. Create the tables as shown in acidfree.mysql or acidfree.pgsql, making sure to add database prefixes if you are using them.
  4. Enable the acidfree module on the admin modules page (admin/modules).
  5. Go to the Acidfree settings page (admin/settings/acidfree) and configure Acidfree. For more details on this go to the Configuration section of this book.
  6. Go to the acidfree/test page http://yoursite.dom/acidfree/test (or http://yoursite.dom/?q=acidfree/test) to check your install and settings. Follow any instructions it offers.
  7. create albums and content!!