A dillar, a dollar, a dinosaur scholar

Goin' Fishin'
We have a lot of ground to cover since Christmas. I suppose more frequent updates would alleviate this problem, but what would be the fun in that? I am just going to say that I have been very busy and that will have to suffice for my excuse.

A few weeks ago Nathan and I went 'fishing' with some friends at a local lake that was recently stocked with trout. I made a fishing pole for Nathan out of a stick of bamboo and a piece of small rope. While we didn't catch anything (not that we expected to with the gear we brought), we had a lot of fun. Enough fun that we went again a month later and brought Nicole along with us. Mostly, they just ran around chasing ducks and playing with the other kids while all the dads fished and talked. But it was really a nice relaxing way to spend a Saturday morning. Someday, I might even invest in some real fishing tackle and a license. Until then, we will just have to fill up on our imaginary fish. Or we could always tell the story of the one that got away...

There is always plenty of story fodder when talking about toddlers. After all, Nathan is the two-year-old dinosaur scholar. He has completely fallen in love with dinosaurs. Much to our dismay, he has also learned how to say "dinosaur" properly. For so long, he called them dino-horses. He has a pair of pajamas with a T-rex on the front that he calls his dino-horse rex pajamas. Every night before bed and every day before naptime, we read to him from his choice of dinosaur books. He has heard them enough times that he not only knows the general flow of the story, but he can name over half the dinosaurs. While the T-rex was the first dino-horse Nathan figured out, he can now remember the names of allosaurus, brontosaurus, triceratops, archelon, camptosaurus, diploducus, duckbill dinosaurs, archeopteryx, gallimimus, stegosaurus, hesperosuchus, coelophysis, tylosaurus, pteranodon, ankylosaurus, deinonychus, and probably several more by the time you read this. You know what he is getting for his birthday!

First hair cut
First hair cut
The rat's nest of fine hair on Nathan's head had finally crossed the line to unruly, so Lauren took him to the kiddy haircuts place that Nicole loves. While he wasn't too excited about sitting in the car chair by himself, he did let them cut his hair while sitting in Lauren's lap. It turned out very nice. What a handsome boy he is.

I think the biggest change Nathan has gone through is that he can now communicate with us. He speaks in nearly complete sentences. He rarely has the need to break down and throw fits (though when he is tired or hungry he sometimes does anyway). But he knows enough words that he is constantly chattering. His imagination is just taking off. He talks about 'just pretend' and will go off and play with his toys obviously using his imagination. This is something that is fairly new to our house. Nicole has just recently (within the past year) started to play by herself and show her imagination. I think Nathan picked up on this and hit the ground running.

Though Nicole and Nathan are two years apart, Lauren says not a week goes by where somebody doesn't ask her, "Now how old are your kids?" or , "Are they twins?" Time and time again, Lauren has to explain that Nathan is just a big boy. But not only is he a big boy, he talks, sings songs, runs around, and wants to do all the things Nicole does. The two of them really are great friends.