Pictures of Anne

Napping on Dad
I remembered to bring the camera home with me this evening. The big kids and I spent the afternoon at the hospital with Lauren and Anne. Little Anne slept most of the time that we were there. I think she must have napped in my arms for nearly three hours. That is fine with me. In my opinion, cuddling is all babies are good for. They grow out of it so fast; Nathan was my previous cuddle bug and is getting to be a little too big and bony to be a cuddle bug.

Speaking of Nicole and Nathan, when we arrived at the hospital, Anne had a present for each of them: a cape, for the Super Siblings; a magnifying glass, for seeing all her little parts; and a pinwheel because they are fun. The two caped heroes are pretty darn cute. I am sure they will be great helpers with their new baby sister.

The rest of the pictures we have taken so far can be found in the Tiny Anne album.


Well, she is a little cutie. And now I know why she took so long to get here. She had to make those capes for her Super Siblings! Haha. Congrats Bro!