Nicole, the smarty pants

I suppose it is half proud father and half smart baby, but this little kid of ours is at the top of her class. Not that she actually goes to a class other than nursery on sundays, but what does that matter.

After learning to walk at 18 months or so, she went from walk to run in what seemed like a couple of weeks. One of her current favorite pastimes is running around in our adjacent, very empty dining and living rooms (aptly nicknamed "The Ballroom") kicking various balls across the floor. She probably does this for a total of an hour each day. So Lauren's guesses of her becoming a soccer player after the kicking fits she gave while in the womb may be correct.

Also, whatever she is doing, whether running, eating, riding in the car, or just playing with toys, her little mouth runs non-stop. And it is not just jibber jabber, although sometimes she does slip into her native tongue. She is speaking two, three and sometimes four word phrases. And if you count "Money Lou puppies house pizza everybody seatbelts," then she has been known to say six word phrases. The parrot factor probably plays a lot into her language skills. She is constantly repeating things we say, particularly at times when we didn't think she was listening. She certainly keeps us on our toes watching our mouths.

Besides talking and walking, Nicole enjoys shopping, shoes, bubbles, flowers, puppies and eating. She is quite the little bundle of fun and certainly worth all the rough times here and there.