Personality shines through

I have written recently about how smart Nicole is, so I won't do that this time. This time, it is about how silly she is. Like most kids, she was never very fond of the 'infant suction bulb.' And with good reason. The times we use it for Nicole are probably over since she can (if not reluctantly) blow her nose. But Nathan is a different story; the little congested hedgepig percolates instead of breathing. So we use the 'booger sucker' on him on a fairly regular basis. Nicole has been around while we have used it and knows what it is called. Being a little bit tongue-tied, she once called it a 'sooger bucker' and got a laugh out of her parents. Now, that is what she calls it as her own little private joke.

Her little jokes go on without end. She knows that balloons are called balloons, but calls them malloons instead. I am positive she calls toys hoys on purpose. She will play along with our little phonetics lessons just fine too. Tummy, toes, two, hoys.

But the funniest part (and the scariest for me and her future husband) is that she is such a girly girl. This morning, Lauren came down into the kitchen where Nicole and I were eating breakfast. Before she even said, "Hi," Nicole piped up with a, "Nice sandals, Mommy!" She has loved shoes since day one and to show it, shoes was the first word she said. And this is reason enough for me to be frightened of the teenage years.