My wishlist is here

Around Christmas and birthday time, all I ever hear is, "You are so hard to shop for. What do you want me to get for you?" I could never come up with an answer on the spot for what I wanted, so I made up my mind to make a wishlist that I could give to people before they asked for it.

So go and get me something good. Most of what I want can be found at Amazon.com because they have everything. Including what I want (http://amazon.com/gp/registry/PSAM4VGT7KT7).

Oakmeal, oatmail and oatmeal

It seems that between the smart little girl that we have and her smart mommy, mispronouncing the word oatmeal is hereditary. When Lauren was a little girl, she hadn't heard of oats, but knew what oak trees were, so she thought oatmeal was oakmeal. Nicole loves to get the mail with us every day and obviously hasn't deciphered the difference between meal and mail, so she calls oatmeal oatmail.

Nicole is such a good little girl. I have tried to eat a little healthier so I don't get that 30 year old gut that so many guys get. One of the things I man trying to do is eat more whole grains, including oatmeal.

A day older and a day wiser

Nathan is now one day old and is doing well. He definitely has a bit of Watson in him — Lauren and I both think he looks a bit like his uncle Steve.

He is still pretty young to be making a call on this, but he certainly doesn't look the same as Nicole did.

Today we got some pictures of Nicole's first day meeting Nathan. She does seem to like him (for now) and was a pretty good girl at the hospital. But most of all, she misses her Mommy. Hopefully the transition from being the only child to being the oldest of two won't be too rough on her.

And a hearty hello to... Nathan

Nathan was born today at approximately 8:40 P.M. He weighed in at 8 lbs. 4 oz. and was 22 inches long. I am tired now, so I am going to bed, but both mom and baby boy are doing well. See some of his pictures if you are really interested. Personally, I think he still looks like a little wrinkled baby, but he is my little wrinkled baby, so I love him lots.

Rubik's Cubes and Sing-along Sally

I have found that now that I have stopped going to school and have earned all the institutional degrees I will probably ever get (high school, bachelor of science, master of science), my mind tends to get bored if I don't keep learning. Sometimes it is just thinking deep thoughts and other times it is re-learning the deep thoughts that I used to have.

I recently wrote a short script in python (using the scipy libraries) that generates a WAV file of white noise. It starts off by generating a buffer of random noise. Then it passes the data through a lowpass Butterworth filter (which you can set the order and cutoff frequency). After filtering, it writes the data out to a wave file. To reduce transitional blips between frames, I just use the same frame back to back with the samples reversed. If the frame is long enough (more than a couple of seconds), it is difficult to notice any repeating cycles, and if they are that far apart, it is soothing, like ocean waves. I knew that I could do this sort of thing because Dr. Oliphant, my ECEn 380 professor, drilled this stuff into my head so deeply that I will forever have signals and systems running through my head.

We are going to see the U2 Vertigo concert!!

Lauren found out that U2 was coming to town this December about one day late. She learned about it the day after the tickets went on sale, and by then they were all sold (they were probably all sold after about 15 minutes.) She heard about it on the radio while driving and when she came home, she told me about it and was very sad. I had a very hard time not breaking down and spoiling the surprise.

I found out that U2 was coming to town about a week and a half before Lauren did because I like to read the headlines from Google News. Google told me U2 was coming to town and I made the necessary preparations to buy the tickets. I didn't tell Lauren and synchronized my watch to the ticketmaster clock so I could hit the buy tickets now button at precisely 10:00 A.M.

Nicole, the smarty pants

I suppose it is half proud father and half smart baby, but this little kid of ours is at the top of her class. Not that she actually goes to a class other than nursery on sundays, but what does that matter.

After learning to walk at 18 months or so, she went from walk to run in what seemed like a couple of weeks. One of her current favorite pastimes is running around in our adjacent, very empty dining and living rooms (aptly nicknamed "The Ballroom") kicking various balls across the floor. She probably does this for a total of an hour each day. So Lauren's guesses of her becoming a soccer player after the kicking fits she gave while in the womb may be correct.

Long awaited picture update

After some gentle prodding from Lauren indirectly from her mom and sister, I finally got around to adding more pictures.

Included in this batch is Christmas 2004 pictures. Most of these are Nicole, because as the adults, Lauren and I either stayed out of the pictures or vetoed them before they made it to the website.

Also included are more pictures of Nicole, who is always cute, and a couple of my birthday cake that Lauren made.

Finally, there are some pictures of our White River snow camp and sled party. There are several fun shots, but my camera is just too darn slow to get the good action shots.

MauOS makes its public debut

After a request from a friend to see the source for my personal OS toy, I have released the first public version of MauOS. I started MauOS as a way to learn more about the i386 architecture. It turned into quite a fun little project. Even though it doesn't do much more than switch between two tasks and respond to timer interrupts, it was a lot of fun to delve into the sick minds of the creators of the i386.

As it happens, when I was being interviewed by IBM, they learned of MauOS and the word got out that I am an overachiever. Just because I like to play with the bits of my emulated machine does not make me an overachiever.

Videos in photo albums should be working

It was brought to my attention that videos have been broken up to this point. I fixed the problems and made the pages XHTML 1.0 compliant. Then, I tested the video page enough to satisfy me. Here are the supported platform / plugin / browser setups I have tested:

  • Linux / mplayer-mozilla / Galeon
  • Linux / mplayer-mozilla / Firefox
  • Linux / mplayer-mozilla / Mozilla
  • Linux / mozilla-plugin-vlc / Galeon
  • Linux / mozilla-plugin-vlc / Firefox
  • Windows XP / Windows Media Player 10 / Internet Explorer 6
  • Windows XP / Windows Media Player 10 / Firefox