Merry Christmas to one and all

We here at the Mauery household wish you a Merry Christmas! We did not travel this year had a very nice relaxing Christmas at home. Nicole was a little angel and didn't mess with the tree, presents, or decorations at all.

We opened presents and had a lazy morning. Then after lunch, we headed over to Darren and Lou's place, where we spent the rest of the day. We had a nice Christmas dinner and then played some games.

We missed all of our family and friends that we didn't get to see this year, but we send our love and best wishes anyway. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

It's a BOY!! or, rather, it will be in 5 months

We are proud to announce that we are going to have a baby boy. Coming to a hospital near us this coming April. We are very excited to have this new addition to our family and will keep you posted with news and pictures as they are available.

The Portland Zoo

While my parents were here, we wanted to get out and show them around a bit. We got the chance to drive around our neighborhood a bit. We live in a moderate house -- it is probably around the median for houses in our general area. But up the street (we live on the side of a hill) from us, house prices go up at the rate of $100,000 per block. I kid you not, three or four blocks up are some VERY nice houses.

But the real point of all this is that we also got out to see the Portland Zoo. We took plenty of pictures of all the animals.

Thanksgiving with the family

My parents came out from Pullman, WA, to visit for Thanksgiving. We got to spend several days with them chatting and stuff.

This was Lauren's first Thanksgiving away from home, so she was a bit worried about getting all the food together. Last year we were close enough to her folks that we just drove up for the day. But to be truthful, she did a wonderful job of dinner, and I for one am voting for Thanksgiving dinner to be a quarterly thing rather than annual.

I did help some in the kitchen, but it was mostly Lauren's meal. She did the planning, the shopping, the schedule (for when to get things started, etc) and most of the work.

Check out the new photo albums

You MAY have noticed some slight changes in the photo albums. A slightly more consistant user interface (a suggestion from Lauren) and a new feature -- video clips. This new feature was actually a user request from Katie Watson, my sister-in-law. Since she wasn't up to implementing the feature and submitting the patch herself, I decided to humor her and dig back into the album code.

It turned out to be nearly a complete re-write of the album code turning it into an object-oriented design. It works out very well to model our situation. For those interested parties, we have a UML diagram of the classes. In short, we made it so that we can simply add any kind of media that can do a thumbnail view and a full view.

Migration complete

After hours and hours... no scratch that days and days of work, we finally got our mail system migrated to our new server. Darren did most of the work this time (I set up the server last migration.)

Part of the big deal was that we changed from qmail + vpopmail + courier to postfix + procmail + cyrus. On our previous server, we chose the mail setup because it was then easy to use TMDA. But it turns out that qmail is also a royal pain in the butt because it creates its own standards and doesn't seem to mix well with System V or POSIX. Anyway, we scrapped it for postfix, which is nice, but VERY different. I think the biggest problem was trying to get cyrus set up. We finally got it working and I was still able to get TMDA working in the mix, though it was somewhat of a kludge.

vernon.mauery.com has moved

Previously, vernon.mauery.com was hosted on a virtual root freeBSD machine. I finally pulled it together and with 2 friends, bought a cheap server off eBay and got hooked up with pdxcolo for great local (in Portland) co-location of our server. Currenly, only my website has moved, but shortly after this, we will figure out how to move the mail system too and finish the migration. Surprisingly enough, the switch has been a winning one all around. Local hosting, lower monthly fees, and Debian GNU/Linux!

Linux Laptop Howto

I finally got my IBM T40 to a point that it is very usable and mostly stable. (When I say mostly stable, that means it about half as much as w1nD0w$ does, i.e. once a week or less) OS development/debugging is generally pretty abusive to computers, so I need stability. Anyway, I wrote up a page or two of how I configured my machine and thought I would make it public. Debian GNU/Linux on a IBM T40

Nicole Mauery v1.0

Nicole had her first birthday today. It is hard to believe that she has been around with us for a whole year. We still like her a lot and plan on keeping her around for feature upgrades and future releases.

I own a lawnmower

Our lawn (we have a lawn now) started getting a little out of control, so we decided we needed to buy a lawnmower. We got one of the rotary cutter push mowers because our lawn, though it is nice, is rather small.

Being landowners suits us well, but every now and then, it hits us that we have to mow the lawn because we ARE the management.