New host old host

For the past three years, Sith has been the trusty server that this website and many of my other services have resided on. Over the past year, he has been showing signs of age. It has certainly been nice to have a server that I could administrate and do just about anything with. While having absolute power over the box was very nice, it was getting to the point that it was not worth the trouble of needing to fix all the problems. Let's face it, I always get lost when I go downtown and this is one less reason to get lost.

Hosted By Site5.com

I noticed that one of my friends had a link that said hosted by Site5. So I went to check it out. I have been looking at virtual server plans for quite some time. Most plans were at the price where I would end up sharing the virtual host three ways just like I had been sharing my real server for the same price. Disk space was really at a premium for almost all of these plans. With Sith I had 8 GB of space all to myself. If I shared three ways, that would be at least 24 GB (unless we wanted more space) at which point almost all the virtual server plans were out of my price range. I had completely discounted hosting plans because I didn't think they could do what I wanted them to do. Well, it turns out that most really don't, but Site5 does. As I looked through the features they had listed, I was very impressed. So I made a list of things I use Sith for.

  1. Some Drupal websites
    • PHP hosting
    • GD2 or imagick php libraries
    • ffmpeg for thumbnailing videos
  2. An SVN server
  3. An uptime server (a machine that I know is always available)
  4. Historically, it was also a mail server until I moved my mail to Google Apps.

It turns out that most of the hosting plans I found were missing at least one of those features an many were missing more. The price per month varied widely based on how much space and network bandwidth you get, whether or not you get a static IP address, the number features they offer, etc. What impressed me most about Site5 is that they offered all these features for a very competitive price. I ended up paying only $8 USD per month with a three year contract. Of course this is all pre-paid, so I have already paid for the next three years of service. In three years, I assume that Site5 will have a better server for me to upgrade to.

I have now been using Site5 for about 3 weeks and have been pretty happy with them. Part of the deal is you have basically endless disk space (1.5 TB) and limitless bandwidth (15 TB/mo). The server is more crowded than I expected based on their 'low site to server ratios' hoopla. But their customer service is very good. I really do wish they would get IPv6 connectivity soon, but they won't even give me a 'yes we are working on that', much less an ETA for availability. Overall, I would give Site5 a 4.5 star rating (out of 5 stars) and would definitely recommend it to a friend.