Acidfree albums

Acidfree is the 4th generation of a brainchild of Darren Hart, Bret Gundersen, and mine as we sought to create a cool webpage that our families could use as a communication hub. The original photo albums looked about the same, but were so integrated into the website that it was a bit of work to extract them and insert them into my own young website. The code was, frankly, not my best work ever. But I was young, inexperienced in web development, php, and user interfaces so my shortcomings can be overlooked for this first generation. The important point is that I got better.

The second generation was a bit of a rewrite to make the albums more modular so it would be easier to share the albums with other people. I think the biggest change was that the new albums were my first attempt at an object-oriented version. But with the limitations that php4 had, it really wasn't done right.

The third generation was a complete rewrite using php5 and a well-designed architecture done by Darren. In short, I thought this was the final resting place for the my photo albums. It worked well, and I was not the only one that thought it was an elegant design. But in the end, I realized that I didn't really want to play the part of Content Manager, Layout, and more. Darren introduced me to Drupal and the rest is history.

I found out that you could create modules to extend Drupal and immediatly the thought that if I could but have my happy albums, I would be a Drupal man. So I set out. At first, my realization that Drupal was object-oriented without using actual php5 object was disappointing. I got over that and wrote a module that extends the node type to behave like a photo album. Some time during this process I chose the name Acidfree because like all the acid-free scrapbooking supplies, my albums will not cause your images to fade or discolor over time. It took me some time and several tries before I was happy with the code structure and program flow. But about two months later, it is running on my own Drupal-based website. And three others.

I finally managed to get Acidfree pushed into the Drupal Contributions section. So you can get the latest 4.6.x release or a CVS tarball. If you would rather use CVS,

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.drupal.org:/cvs/drupal-contrib co contributions/modules/acidfree

So get the source and use it!

Other peoples albums?

Hi, I am trying to set up acidfree on my site, thanks for the module by the way, and have two questions:

1.) If user A creates an album, then user B can add pictures to that album. How can I prevent that? Each user should only be able to add pictures and sub-albums to his own albums.

2.) The file_manager module is configured to store files in a directory named 'files'. I would like to have acidfree album and picture files in a subdirectory 'acidfree' oder 'media' below the 'files' directory with the goal of keeping them separate from attachments and other files.

Any pointers appreciated. Personal mail would be great!



Change icon size of Acidfree albums?

Could you please tell me how to change the icon size of the Acidfree albums?

I have installed Acidfree module and added some albums and photos. It works well and I like this albums. But I feel the album icons look a little smaller than the photo icons. I see the album icons have bigger size on your site. How can I change the size? Thanks!

Wow!I really like this

I really like this module. I am currently implementing a new theme for my website and I just can't help it but to thank for this nice module.