Massive Acidfree updates

After nearly 2 weeks of coding and testing, I am happy to release some major updates in the Acidfree code base. The changes really are very subtle from a user's perspective, but are quite intrusive considering the code size. The code base is about 2500 lines of code and nearly 1000 of those lines were changed. But it was definitely for the better — better video handling, better image manipulation, better mime-type handling.

Please try it out and let me know what you think. Submit bugs and feature requests if something is not right. Submit patches if you want. I want to make sure Acidfree is done The Right Way™, so by all means, take it for a spin and give it feedback.

For all you who are upgrading, be aware that you must re-patch the filemanager original source file with the new filemanager-acidfree.patch. I inadvertently introduced a bug in filemanager_url that is fixed in the new patch. This is the only thing you must do for the upgrade.

By request, I have also included UI support for the node body field for a description of each album, photo, or video. This will show up in the full view (not the thumb view) of each node.

Also by request, I have added support for postgres. Drupal supports it, so I figured I should too. I haven't tested it because I don't have postgres installed on any of my boxen, so please someone, let me know how if it needs fixing.

I currently have limitations listed on the Drupal Acidfree Module page. And I have a current open request for flexinode support. So you know where Acidfree is headed.