Videos in photo albums should be working

It was brought to my attention that videos have been broken up to this point. I fixed the problems and made the pages XHTML 1.0 compliant. Then, I tested the video page enough to satisfy me. Here are the supported platform / plugin / browser setups I have tested:

  • Linux / mplayer-mozilla / Galeon
  • Linux / mplayer-mozilla / Firefox
  • Linux / mplayer-mozilla / Mozilla
  • Linux / mozilla-plugin-vlc / Galeon
  • Linux / mozilla-plugin-vlc / Firefox
  • Windows XP / Windows Media Player 10 / Internet Explorer 6
  • Windows XP / Windows Media Player 10 / Firefox

If your system setup does not match one of these, I cannot guarantee that the video pages will work. These are, however, the most commonly used browsers on the market, so be a sheep for once. I prefer Linux / mozilla-plugin-vlc / Galeon myself, but I am a bigot when it comes to OSes.