Underground overhaul

About a week ago, vernon.mauery.com and www.mauery.com both had a major overhaul, though it probably (hopefully) went unnoticed by all the users. I had been running Drupal 4.6 for about a year, ever since I started using Drupal. Drupal 4.7 was released a couple of months ago and I finally got around to upgrading my website. I figured it would give me a chance to work on a few Acidfree bugs over the holiday weekend as well. I managed to fix/close 25+ bugs over the the holiday. Granted, some of them I closed as "won't fix," but I did actually fix some bugs and implement a couple interesting features. And now that I am running Acidfree 4.7, it will give me more motivation to make sure it works correctly.

As a part of the upgrade process, I had to make sure my themes were up to date, which meant porting the mauery theme to 4.7. I originally stole the idea from pushbutton and prettied it up. That was only about a month ago. Then I abandoned Drupal 4.6 and much of my work was broken. So I had to go through and make all the changes to make sure it looked the same even though under the hood it was all new and shiny.

The upgrade only had a few problems. Pathauto still doesn't seem to work as nicely as it did in Drupal 4.6, but I still haven't tracked that down to see if it is Acidfree's fault or Pathauto's fault. I ran into a big broken pager problem that I managed to fix, break, and fix again. I also implmeneted some nice changes to the inline filter. I think I did some more good stuff too, but I can't remember now. You can go read the cvs commit logs if you are interested.