What I need is another project

I feel a lot of pressure from all those Acidfree users who are just dying to have Acidfree-6.x released. But that is not the reason I am working on it. I am working on it because 1) I feel a sense of responsibility to do it, and 2) I like working on Acidfree. So I do have a start on the work. When I say start, I mean pre-alpha; not even finished enough to commit to the Drupal CVS repository. I have made commits that I am willing to share with the not-so-faint of heart. The changes are still so early that you can't even upgrade your data at this point (which also means that the pre-alpha code can't delete your life's work so easily). The way I am sharing is via an SVN tree of my own. I have provided two ways to access this tree, via the web or via anonymous svn+ssh.

Via the web, you may download a tarball snapshot of the project by browsing the SVN web browser and downloading a SVN snapshot of HEAD.

Or, if you are a purist and must check out the SVN repository, you may do that as well. First, download the private SSH key and the public SSH key for the anonymous user and save them in your ~/.ssh directory. Make sure you set the permissions to 0600 on the private key or ssh won't work. Then add a stanza to your ~/.ssh/config file to specify the ssh username and ssh keys for mauery.com:

Host mauery.com
        IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa_svn
        User vhmauery

Note that is says "User vhmauery". Do not change that -- that is the username on the remote host, not your username.

Finally, you can check out the files like this:

svn checkout svn+ssh://mauery.com/pub/acidfree/trunk acidfree-6

If you are using some sort of browser of fancy-pant GUI, I can't help you (since I am a real man and only use text-based tools). But Site5, my host, has a nice tutorial that helped me get this going and they have a bit on setting up the GUI client which may be of help.

And all this brings me to why I needed another project. I realized it is a pain to ssh in to my host, tweak the ~/.authorized_keys file and the /repo/conf/authz file to add users and set permissions. So I wrote a quick little Drupal-5 module that will do this for me. I have not submitted it to Drupal's repository since it is a little bit host specific (i.e. it was designed to run on a Site5 host). But if you want to take a peek, I have a link to the SVN Access snapshot and some screenshots.

svn-access site settings
svn-access site settings
svn-access repository settings
svn-access repository settings