Schmucks and wool

In an unprecedented effort to cover their tails, Apple has released a statement saying they were wrong, but not in the way you think they were.

For the last couple of weeks, proud new owners of the iPhone 4 have been complaining about poor reception and dropped calls. There seems to be a pattern with the problems: using your left had to grip the phone and you lose several bars and maybe your call. In fact, the problem seems to be so widespread that there are class-action suits against Apple in at least three states as of this writing. There are some remedies: 1) don't hold the phone with your left hand; 2) buy some iPhone protector thingy that seems to ameliorate the problem; 3) DON'T BUY CRAP FROM APPLE. Oh, I think that last one may have been my own solution.

Apple has come up with a new solution. You see, they claim there is no problem at all. They say that the loss of bars is a software glitch. More correctly, they claim that there shouldn't have been as many bars in the first place because of an error in the formula used for the calculation of the number of bars.

You don't have any bars because they were never there. These are not the bars you are looking for.

The problem with this solution is that it doesn't answer the problem. According to their statement, this solution applies not only to iPhone 4, but the iPhone 3G as well. But this problem was not reported on the previous versions. Also their solution does not account for the actual signal quality of those who USE the phone. If an iPhone 4 drops more calls when held "improperly" than when it is held "properly" it seems that this is not merely about how many bars are displayed. People are not only complaining about how many bars; that is just a convenient metric with which to measure signal strength.

Apple: yes, you may have found a grievous error in the bar calculation formula, but that doesn't account for what your customers are complaining about. Stop being schmucks and trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes.

I agree

I for the most part HATE Apple and their products. I think the iPhone is the only redeeming product they have. But it is pretty annoying when they don't take responsibility for the problems they have. They could either recall the new iPhone or give out free bumper cases to the people having problems. I still really like the iPhone and am excited to get the iPhone 4 but Apple has another issue with not producing enough and so I have to wait another 2 weeks (after waiting an extra 2 weeks from their previous "release date"). If we have issues we will probably return them and get something else. Too bad we already sold our 3G and 3GS...we liked those. I'm a little annoyed with Apple right now!