Stupid Ubuntu Theme Change

Ubuntu usually does things right, but this time they screwed up. They moved my buttons. It is worse than Windoze, which changes the UI every release (every 2 years), because my UI is changing every 6 months.


I installed Lucid Lynx a while back because I wasn't happy with Karmic. And as they are getting closer to the release, they changed all their art. And themes. AND MY BUTTONS. I logged back in after an upgrade and found all my buttons on the left of my window instead of the right. After some digging, apparently this is a configurable thing, but unless you have set it, they changed the defaults.


That tells how to change your order. I prefer gconf-editor because messing with the registry via a command line never works for me. Note that for right-sided icons you want the ":" before all the icon names, not after.

You have the knowledge to

You have the knowledge to leave Ubuntu and its ease of use and go for some more customizable distribution.
You should also know that there are Window Managers out there that there are super customizable: XFCE, LXDE, etc.. which will surely fits your needs.

Personally, I spent the last 4 years on Archlinux and never looked back.

I understand

Okay Vernon,
So most of the time I don't know what the heck you are talking about but these last two posts I actually could get through more then the first couple sentences. I personally don't use Ubuntu but I understood what you were frustrated about. Okay, sorry about this non-related comment but your non-computer minded sister is just excited to actually understand a "Vernon post".

Ther're making a big fuss

Ther're making a big fuss about their new look. I confess I am not a big fan of the brown, but I don't know that the new theme really does anything for me either.