Analog TV transition

I really think the FCC screwed this one up big time. Not the actual transition, but the switch in transition times. They had done such a good job of publicizing the February 2009 date for the transition that when it moved to June, I completely forgot about it. It wasn't until I saw it in my google news that I realized that it was finally upon us. Oh yeah. Digital TV. Blah.

I am not sure how many of the people who were not ready in February are actually ready now or if it was just a waste of time and money to try to convince the procrastinators that they need to stop procrastinating. Still today, according to Nielson's reports, 2.5 percent of American households are without digital TV capabilities.

Honestly, 2.5 percent of Americans without TV is not such a tragedy. After all, watching TV is not one of America's more healthful pastimes. Maybe a new revolution in more healthful activities will be ignited by the TV procrastinators. Or they might turn to violent video games and unleash the violence on the rest of the world. Watch out!