Question and Answer

Today, The Man is any company large enough that they have grown past caring about individual customers. I hate The Man.

I recently felt the need to buy some new jeans. I am a tee-shirt and jeans kind of guy and I go shopping about once every two years to replace the stuff that is wearing out. I was going to go to the outlet stores down in Woodburn, but that is an hour away and I figured it wasn't worth the savings that I would have over just going to the mall. I had a 20% coupon for Eddie Bauer, so I figured I would check them out. I had purchased stuff from them in the past. I tried on many pairs of jeans and much to my dismay, they didn't have the style I wanted in my color and size. So I look online. Out of stock. I contact customer service and get a nice response from one of their agents. It was nice, but not terribly helpful. She said maybe I could try another style. <sarcasm>Oh, yeah, thanks, I hadn't thought of that.</sarcasm> But I don't want another style, I want this style. I reply and ask some *specific* questions, like when can I expect these to be in stock again? She responds, quite quickly, with a fluffy, content-free mail that did not answer any of my questions.

When someone asks you a question, and your only reason for existence is to answer questions, ANSWER THE @#$&%$^$ QUESTIONS!!! Don't reply with "I am sorry you are disappointed" or "Try this alternative" or any of your other fancy methods of circumlocution. Be straight with me and give me the truth. I can handle the truth. I promise. But obviously The Man does not care enough about individual customers to at least feign interest in keeping them around.

Levi Strauss, here I come. But not really with any higher hopes I had of Eddie Bauer. My heart is heavy for the current state of The Man.


Well that is just totally LAME! When you hate shopping for clothes in the first place and then when you actually do the experience just makes you not want to shop even more! Stupid MAN! Honestly with that kind of customer service I'm surprised people come back. I don't/rarely shop at places where they have poor customer service. I am sorry you had this experience Vernon. I also only shop for jeans every 2 years or so and I dread when I need to. Not for this reason but just because the jeans that I like are expensive and I hate to spend money on myself (I know, what girl hates spending money on herself? I'm defective I guess). Good luck with the jean shopping!

Welcome to my life!

That's pretty much all I have to say! Good luck!