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Since you are here of your own free accord, I don't feel bad about boring you with the details of my life. I was born at an early age near Potlatch, ID, and spent most of the first 17 years of my life there. I did not, however, stay where my roots were planted. I have since spent two years in Hong Kong where I fell in love with the Chinese people and their fascinating culture. I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and my Master of Science in Computer Science from Brigham Young University. I married my beautiful wife, Lauren, after finishing my undergraduate degree. Our very cute daughter Nicole joined us while I was working on my Masters Degree. Not long after that, I started work with IBM in the Linux Technology Center. I get to help IBM make sure Linux works well on its servers. Nathan joined us about two years after Nicole in the usual way and in many ways is like a twin to his 'big' sister. Most recently, Annie has joined our family and is doing her best to stretch our parenting abilities between the three crazy monkeys.

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This site offers just about all I am willing to tell the public about myself. The site itself was originally a creation of my own with modules that were either developed by myself or my partner in code, Darren Hart. But now, the site is powered by Drupal so I can spend more time writing content and less time making sure my website works. The Acidfree photo album is one of my finest web programs. It was recently rewritten for your viewing pleasure for integration with Drupal. It is PHP/MySQL powered and in use on four separate websites.

For those looking for more information about my skills and experience, you should visit my professional page. It contains links to previous employers and information about how I have managed to become who I am. If after looking at that, you have some need to contact me, you can find my contact info below.

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