Giving Ideas

I am a full-time employed, grown-ass man, living in suburbia with a good-paying job. I have had plenty of time to accumulate enough *stuff* in my life that I don’t really need other people to buy me more things. Well, maybe more salami. I love salami.

So when giving holidays and birthdays come around, people want to know what they can get me. Maybe this year, instead of getting me stuff, donate to a worthy cause on my behalf. Here are some of my favorites that would love to have your support.

Oregon Food Bank:
I regularly donate here. Nobody should go hungry.

Planned Parenthood:
(find the donate button)
This is especially important if/when the federal government decides to reduce funding.

Beaverton Education Foundation:
This helps my kids and all the kids in the Beaverton School District. Education is paramount. I support it.

Bethany Cedar Mill Library:
Beaverton City Library:
We use both libraries. We love libraries.

ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union):
I believe that the under-represented should have their interests protected under the law.

ARRL (American Radio Relay League):
I am fond of the “Education and Technology Program Fund” and the “Legislative Issues Advocacy Fund” but any of them would support amateur radio in the US, something that I love and support.

College Plans for kids:
If you would rather donate directly to my kids’ college accounts, that would be great too. Ask me for more details.