About the Author

Since you are here of your own free accord, I don’t feel bad about boring you with the details of my life. I was born as an old man near Potlatch, ID, and spent most of the first 17 years of my life there. I did not, however, stay where my roots were planted. On a trip to Portland, Oregon as a teenager, I told myself that I wanted to live there. After I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and my Master of Science in Computer Science from Brigham Young University, our family moved to Portland.

After finishing my Masters Degree, I started work with IBM in Linux Technology Center. I get to help IBM make sure Linux works well on its servers. After nine years there, I moved on to work with Intel, writing Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) firmware. Since most of the BMC processors I have worked on are ARM-based SoCs, I often joke that I write ARM firmware for Intel.

In my spare time, I like building and debugging embedded systems, baking bread and pizza, and spending time outdoors hiking, biking, and kayaking.

Contact Info

  • Email: my-first-name [AT] my-last-name (dot) org
  • Github: vmauery