Project summaries

My day job is writing BMC firmware for Intel server platforms. Part of that is working with the OpenBMC community. That is really the part of my job that I enjoy the most. Opensource software is one of my passions. The current software ecosystem would not be the same as it is today without the shared work of programmers around the world.

An [hopefully] never-ending project is Friday-night pizza. My memory is sketchy, but I think it was sometime around 2008, we started making pizza every Friday night. Then in 2016, I built a pizza oven in the backyard. It was originally designed as a wood-burning oven, but I plumbed it for natural gas as well. The oven also comes in handy during the hot summer months when we don’t want to heat up the house but still want some crusty rustic bread, or during the holidays when the double ovens inside are both in use. My pizza recipe is not proprietary and has gone through several changes over the years as I have been influenced by several pizzaioli, each with their own favorite secrets to the perfect pizza.

I am currently working on the second generation of my embedded NTP server. Time pulls my mind and this is an excuse to play with it. The first round was a Teensy-2 based system (atmega32u4) with an external enc28j60 ethernet module with a GPSDO running at 20MHz that was also the clock for the controller. The current round is looking to be a Teensy-4.1 based system (NXP MIMXRT1062) that has an internal ethernet controller. At this point it is more of an idea but I hope to make something out of it soon.