MauOS makes its public debut

After a request from a friend to see the source for my personal OS toy, I have released the first public version of MauOS. I started MauOS as a way to learn more about the i386 architecture. It turned into quite a fun little project. Even though it doesn’t do much more than switch between two tasks and respond to timer interrupts, it was a lot of fun to delve into the sick minds of the creators of the i386.

As it happens, when I was being interviewed by IBM, they learned of MauOS and the word got out that I am an overachiever. Just because I like to play with the bits of my emulated machine does not make me an overachiever.

MauOS runs well in bochs and sometimes on real hardware if you are that crazy. Have fun and fix it for me. Maybe someday it will take over the world. Downloads are available at the download page.

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