Stinkin’ blinkin’ flash drive

As one of the free swag items that they handed out at the Linux Plumbers Conference, I received an Intel branded 1GB USB flash drive. Unless you are blind, it would have been impossible to notice the BRIGHT red, green and blue blinking LED that was activated any time the device was plugged in. If I was susceptible to epileptic fits, I am sure it would have caused a seizure. Anyway, not being one to tolerate annoying behavior from electronic devices, I decided to fix it. I popped it open at the seam to find that it came apart very nicely, without breaking anything. Then, I took my fingernail clippers and clipped off the leads to the LED and accompanying resistor and gently removed them from the enclosure. Thank you, Intel, for the flash drive, but next time, please make it less flashy.

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